Liquid Seaweed 1 litre bottle

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Liquid seaweed extract.


Hebrides Liquid Seaweed contains natural minerals, vitamins and all the essential amino acids and growth promoting substances as well as high levels of solubilised Alginates.

Hebrides Liquid Seaweed is produced by a family run company with a long history in the seaweed industry.

It is based on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Here the seaweed, which grows in abundance along the shoreline, has been used for centuries to enrich the soil.

Liquid seaweed comprises a water soluble concentrate of seaweed, ascophyllum nodosum.

This seaweed is one of the richest available, containing a very wide range of elements concentrated from the sea.

It contains more than 60 natural organic elements, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements and many other organic

substances which collectively have a catalytic effect on plant growth.

1 litre bottle

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