Bamboo Hedging

Most bamboo plants are ideal for hedging due to their fast growing nature. Here we recommend a few of the best bamboo plants to create a screen or hedge in your garden.

Bamboos ideal for hedging

Tall Bamboo Hedges (3m plus)

Phyllostachys Bissetii
This Phyllostachys variety grows very powerfully and is always the first to give new shoots in Spring in our own garden. The plant has delicate & decorative dark green leaves which will generally survive the Winter period with little, or no, damage occuring at all. 'Bissetii' can be used as an excellent hedging plant and likes either full sun or half shade. Grows to approx 6-7m high.

Phyllostachys Glauca
This bamboo will mature quickly and is adept at withstanding extremes of windy and cold weather as it has very tough leaves and culms.The Phyllostachys Glauca can be used as a good screen or windbreak as well as an ornamental solitary specimen. Grows to approx 7-8m high.

Pseudosasa Japonica
The 'Arrow Bamboo' is a very useful & tough bamboo, mostly grown for its permanent rich green shiny foliage and its strong stature, which makes it ideal for windbreaks and hedges. Leaves are a great feature on this plant as they are long and drooping. Grows to approx 4m high.

Phyllostachys Aurea
Known as the 'Golden Bamboo' this one also works well grown as a containerised screen. Strong grower in cool climates, with upright green canes turning golden with age. Grows to approx 5-6m high.

Phyllostachys Nigra 'Punctata'
Known as the 'Black Bamboo' this is another one which also works well grown as a containerised screen. Tall growing bamboo, with almost jet black canes - some canes can appear to have a mottled or spotted appearance. Grows to approx 5m high.

Fargesia Robusta
A very tough gowing Fargesia which is great for a dense, tight clumping screen. The Robusta is quick to establish and shows off beautiful pale culm sheaths in the Spring. Grows to approx 4m high.

Short / Medium Height Bamboo Hedges (up to 3m)

Sasa Palmata
The Sasa Palmata is known for its tropical appearance, thanks to its broad green leaves, which have a blue-green glow when seen against the sunlight. Grows to approx 2m high.

Sasa Veitchii
The Sasa Veitchii is best planted in an open area of the garden where it will spread and create a dense carpet of attractive foliage.Also a good one for bank stabilisation. Grows to approx 1.2-1.5m high.

Phyllostachys Humilis
The Phyllostachys Humilis is one of the shortest Phyllostachys and grows well to form a dense screen. Grows to approx 3m high.

Fargesia Nitida 'Great Wall'
Very similar to the Nitida, however it has dark green foliage and as its name suggests is well suited to hedging. This plant matures fairly quickly and the possibilites are endless as it is at home as a specimen, screen, windbreak or in a pot. Grows to approx 3m high.

Fargesia Murielae 'Bimbo'
A very compact growing Fargesia which grows a very neat short and dense bamboo hedge to a max of 4-5ft high.

For more information see our guide using bamboo in your garden design

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