Chusquea Culeou

Available again March 2021
Foxtail Bamboo - A very sought after Bamboo because of its array of multiple branches.
  • Origin: South America
  • Mature Height: 5-7 metres
  • Hardiness: -18 degrees celcius; Zone 6b
  • Exposure: Sun or Light Shade
  • Use: Solitary Specimen

The Chusquea Culeou in its natural habitat is the most southerly bamboo in the world, coming from the very tip of South America.

This is an extremely beautiful plant which is easliy distinguished from all other species of bamboo due the mass of branches which give it a very 'bushy' appearance.

New canes are totally leafless when they first appear and can often stay like that for a full season. However, when the branches decide to make an appearance the sheaths split around the full circumference of the cane throwing out a mass of branches.

This plant can be one of the most spectacular looking solitary specimens due to its bushy appearance.

Supplied in 7 litre pots. Bushy. Typical Supplied Height: 0.60m - 0.90m

To see if this plant is hardy in your location check out our Hardiness Zones Map for more information

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