Q: When is the best time to plant hardy bamboo?

A: You can plant bamboo anytime the ground is workable. We dig and plant most of the year in Scotland, apart from November - February when the ground can be very deep with frost. Planting is best done during the Autumn or Spring time, but all during the Summer months is also fine as long as you water the bamboo frequently.

Q: Are all the bamboo plants you sell hardy in all areas of the United Kingdom?

A: YES.  We specifically only sell bamboo plants which are capable of surving the harsh climate we experience here in North East Scotland.  We often see temperatures plummet to below -15 degrees celcius each winter.  The only bamboo plant here at the nursery which we watch when temperatures are set to get to these extreme sub-zero temperatures is the beautiful Chimonobambusa Tumidissinoda.  We specifically keep this one in containers so it can be given some extra protection in these circumstances.  It is hardy to minus 13 degrees celcius - probably fine for 95% of the UK!  Such a beautiful bamboo, it is a must for us to have so the extra care is well worth it!

Q: Do bamboo plants need protected during the winter?

A: Although all our bamboo plants are very hardy, young plants can benefit from winter protection during their first winter especially when relatively juvenille. This can be a form of wind protection or some horticultural fleece loosly wrapped over the plant. Some mature plants can suffer some winter damage to the top growth but they are usually fully root hardy and will recover the following growing season.

Q: Which bamboo is best for hedging or screening?

A: Most bamboo plants are ideal for hedging or screening due to their fast growing nature and evergreen properties.  See our Bamboo Hedging section for our recommended hedging and screening bamboos.

Q: How many plants would I need to create a hedge or screen?

A: We recommend that you plant bamboo at 3' (foot) centre spacing.  Therefore, if you are looking to create a 20 foot hedge, we would recommend 7 plants.  This is only a guide, and you can plant closer together if you want more instant impact, or further apart if you are willing to wait a little longer.

Q: How much sun or shade does my new bamboo need?

A: The general rule is the larger the bamboo, the more direct sunlight it requires. The large temperate species of bamboo such as the ones we grow are woodland under story plants. They are found in their natural habitat at the edge of forests. They will grow into the shaded areas and outward into full sunlight. Smaller shrub bamboo under 16 feet in height require less direct sunlight conditions and will be more likely to thrive in partly shaded planting sites. Ground cover bamboo 6 feet and under love shaded sites and will do best out of the direct sunlight.

Q: When should I feed my bamboo?

A: We recommend feeding your bamboo plants in early Spring, i.e. at the beginning of the growing season.  Another good time to give an extra feed is in Autumn, with a low nitrogen feed.  Our Hebrides seaweed plant food is ideal for feeding throughout the growing season.

Q: Someone told me that spreading bamboo will take over, is that true?

A: Some spreading bamboos are more vigorous than others but these can easily be kept in check by installing a bamboo rhizome barrier. If a spreading bamboo is planted next to a lawn which receives regular mowing, then the soft new shoots will be cut and won't grow.

Q: There are some leaves turning yellow on my bamboo, is it dying?

A: This is normal throughout the year, however it is most noticeable during the Spring time. All leaves will be replaced over the course of one year, so naturally you will see a lot of yellow and brown foliage as the new leaves form. Temperate bamboo are evergreen and if all is well with the planting, it should never be completely barren. The tips of the leaves are often brown and this can be caused by many factors. In most cases it is wind damage, but it can also be caused from improper watering.

Q: Are your plants shipped bare root or in their pot?

A: All our plants are shipped in their pots to ensure they are kept moist during transit.

Q: What size are the plants when delivered ?

A: We specify pot size available for each variety of bamboo i.e. 3L, 5L or 7.5L. The pot size gives an indication of the maturity of the plant you are buying i.e. a 3L plant is a younger plant and a 7.5L has more mature root stock (it is essential to remember with bamboo it is what you are buying in the pot that is important and not what is above the ground). If you are looking for a specific height of plant for instant impact please get in touch and we can discuss your options. We have numerous varieties we can supply at 6-7ft planting height which is ideal if you are planting a screen or hedge, but remeber the are fast growing and can grow up to 3-4ft per year and more!).  We give an indication of the typical height of plants supplied within each plant description however please note that there can be significant seasonal variations.

Q: How are the plants packaged?

A: We take great care and pride in packaging your order to ensure it arrives in good condition. Your plants will be packed into a box carefully selected for the size of plant and will be securely packaged to ensure it does not move inside the box to avoid any damage to the upper end of the plant. We will pack up to 3 plants per carton and these are stacked carefully to ensure no movement inside the box.  We try and use recycled packaging where possible.

Q: How long will my order take to be delivered?

A: We aim to despatch all orders within 7 days or receipt, however please allow up to 14 days. If we anticipate a delay with your order, for whatever reason, we will contact you and let you know.

Q: How much does delivery cost?

A: Delivery is charged on the value of your order and is calculated depending on the number of plants in your order:

Order total Delivery Charge
Up to £10 £2.95
£10.01 - £50 £9.95
£50.01 - £100 £12.95
£100.01 - £150 £14.95
£150.01 - £200 £18.50
£200.01 - £250 £22.50
£250.01 - £300 £29.95
£300.01 - £400 £37.95
£400.01 - £500 £49.95
Orders Over £500 Please contact us for a quote

Q: What happens if my plant arrives damaged?

A: We take great pride and care in packaging your bamboo plants and thankfully we very rarely have any damages. However, in the unlikely event that a plant does arrived damaged, all we ask is that you contact us as soon as possible to advise of the damage and we will endeavor to arrange a replacement as soon as possible. The only exception is in the case of force majeure - we cannot be held responsible for any conditions which are outside of our control, or events such as a postal strike that are not evident until after dispatch.

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