Fargesia Nitida 'Black Pearl'

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A stunning clumping bamboo with intense dark purple almost black culms - ideal in shade
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The Fargesia Nitida 'Black Pearl' is a magnificent clumping bamboo, with dense foliage and purple-tinged - almost black canes. This quick growing bamboo will produce an impressive number of new culms each year, reaching a mature height of 3.5 - 4 metres. Best planted in semi-shaded position. Looks great as an individual specimen or planted at 1m-2m intervals to grow into an evergreen screen or hedge. Best planted out of full sun and cold drying winds. Also looks great planted in a large container. Supplied in
2.5 / 3 litre pot approx 60-80cm high £26.50
5 litre pot approx 60-80cm high (bushier) £32.50 SOLD OUT

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