Fargesia Nitida 'Volcano'

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A new generation Fargesia Nitida with striking maroon purple culms
  • Mature Height: average 3 metres
  • Hardiness: around -21 - 25 degrees celcius; Zone 4b
  • Exposure: Sunny or Light Shade
  • Use: Very versatile - screen, specimen or pot

Fargesia Nitida 'Volcano' is a new generation bamboo produced by the cross-pollination between Fargesia nitida and Fargesia nitida 'Gansu' in 2005.

This new bamboo has fantastic reddish coloured canes and dense foliage. Volcano is a good choice for a container or can be planted directly into the ground. 

Creates a superb specimen on its own, having a very graceful appearance, or can be used for an evergreen screen, mature height of around 3m, clump can reach 1.5m wide.

Juvenille 2.5 litre pots supplied 30-60cm

To see if this plant is hardy in your location check out our Hardiness Zones Map for more information

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