Hardiness Zones

Our Hardiness Zones are intended as a guide only. The majority of our plants are capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions however it is worth comparing your location against our generalised temperature guides.

No allowance has been made for localised factors such as microclimates and exposure. Here at the Nursery we are shown with a Zone 7b classification however during the Winter of 2008/2009 we experienced -16C over a 7 day period. Tread carefully!

Bamboo has been grown for many years across the world and is therefore tried and tested in many extremes across the globe. Therefore a lot of knowledge is known about the extremes of cold that they will tolerate. In each of our plant descriptions we give lowest known temperature that the plant will tolerate together with a zone number from the widely accepted map for cold hardiness used in the United States & Europe. The UK is zoned from 7a to 10a but as you will see many bamboo plants are grown in zones 4b to 6b which will tolerate lower than average winter temperatures in the UK.


UK Zone Map

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