Mixed Fargesia clumping bamboo bundle of 5 plants

£110.00 preorder
This mixed selection of clumping bamboo is ideal for screening or adding to lush evergreen structure to any garden


This great value bundle contains a mix of 5 Fargesia varieties (all clumping / non-invasive), carefully selected for their unique characteristics and well behaved habit. Allow at least one square metre of space when planting for a screen or allow more space if you want to admire each individual specimen in a border.

We will send a mix of the following varieties, chosen by us - sorry we cannot accept bespoke orders for this bundle (the plants chosen will be determined by stock levels and what is looking good):

Fargesia Rufa
Fargesia Dracocephala
Fargesia Robusta
Fargesia Robusta 'pingwu'
Fargesia Nitida 'winter joy'
Fargesia Nitida 'black pearl'
Fargesia Scabrida 'asian wonder'
Fargesia Jiuzhaigou
Fargesia Obelisk
Fargesia Jiuzhaigou 'genf'
Fargesia Vampire
Fargesia Nitida 'volcano'

Plants supplied in 2.5-3 litre pots, all approximately between 50-100cm high (can vary through season). £110 for 5 plants. Photo for illustrative purposes only, showing characteristics of mixed Fargesia varieties.

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