Phyllostachys Nigra (black bamboo plant)

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The Black Bamboo - Perhaps the most popular Bamboo of them all due to its jet black canes!
  • Origin: China / Taiwan
  • Mature Height: 6 metres
  • Hardiness: -18 degrees celcius; Zone 6b
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Use: Very good in pots and anywhere else except deep shade

The Phyllostachys Nigra, or Black Bamboo, is believed to be the first bamboo to be introduced to Britain in 1823. Although used widely in gardens throughout the world 'Nigra' is now very rare in the wild.

When new canes emerge from the soil they are green in colour but eventually turn black after a period. Once established 'Nigra' will provide plenty of canes which can grow to approximately 2 inches in diameter at maturity.

These plants look great in pots, planted on their own ar planted as part of a group.

5L plants supplied approx 100-120cm

To see if this plant is hardy in your location check out our Hardiness Zones Map for more information

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