Phyllostachys Glauca

A very quick growing bamboo producing a mass of colourful canes.
  • Origin: China
  • Mature Height: 8 metres
  • Hardiness: -20 degrees celcius; Zone 6b
  • Exposure: Full Sun or Light Shade
  • Use: Large central feature, Windbreak or screen

The Phyllostachys Glauca is a tough bamboo plant that is capable of growing in most places, even proven to grow well in wet or damp soils.

This bamboo will mature quickly and is adept at withstanding extremes of windy and cold weather as it has very tough leaves and culms.

The new culms have a silver-blue appearance with gives this bamboo a depth of character. The culm sheaths are also colourful, tainted with red markings.

The Phyllostachys Glauca can be used as a good screen or windbreak as well as an ornamental solitary specimen.

Typical Supplied Height: 1.60m - 2.10m

To see if this plant is hardy in your location check out our Hardiness Zones Map for more information

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