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Phyllostachys Vivax 'Huagwenzhu'

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Very large ornamental bamboo with decorative culms


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  • Origin: China
  • Height: 8 metres
  • Hardiness: -21 degrees celcius; Zone 6a
  • Exposure: Full Sun or Light Shade
  • Use: An architectural plant - Plant it on its own!

The 'Vivax' is a plant with potential, even in our colder climates, that can thrive to produce an abundance of large, thick and decorative canes. This sub form of the Vivax is a total contrast to the Vivax 'Aureocaulis' as the canes are a pale green with a yellow sulci line.

Grow this bamboo as a solitary specimen plant for its large stature, thick canes and delicate dark green leaves. Planted in light shade the yellow sulci will be very noticeable. This plant is a must for any Bamboo enthusiast.

Typical Supplied Height: 1.20m - 1.50m

1-2 culms per 5 litre pot

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